Submissions Step by Step Guide

  1. Register as a user, making sure you review the T&Cs and other policies in the help section. At this point, you'll be able to use Cov Dig but not contribute.
  2. Read the Help Section to help understand what we're trying to do with Cov Dig, paying attention especially to the sections on the types of assets and what to do with them, and using the case studies to help you think about safeguarding and data protection.
  3. Contact Ben Kyneswood to become a contributor - he needs to make a change to your profile on the system.
  4. Once you are a contributor the main menu will change. You'll see extra options, including 'Submissions' added. Choose this.
  5. You'll be confronted by a panel which will allow you to create a new batch of assets (images, videos, documents). Choose Create New to start.
  6. The screen will then ask you to choose the files for upload and to give the batch a name. You'll be able to watch the progress as the items upload.
  7. Once items are uploaded, choose a file to add metadata to it. The files need some key information and will display a green thumbs up when you've completed this task. You can select multiple files to add metadata relevant to all selected.
  8. You can also click on the thumbnail of the image to add a note to the moderator - this might be a way of explaining something or raising an issue.
  9. Once you've done this, the batch will appear in the contributors list as 'In Progress'
  10. You can also add a model release at this stage for recent photographs with identifiable people in them. Model releases are consent forms detailing the relationship between model and photographer. An example is here.
  11. When you are satisfied, choose 'Submit batch' and the assets will be sent to the moderator.

Your download will start shortly, please do not navigate away from this page until the download prompt has appeared. Doing so may cause your download to be interrupted.