Case Study 2

Case Study 2 - Family collection of video, photographs and documents

A family bring in a shoe box with photographs, documents and VHS tapes in, along with some digital content.

The issues here are age and permission. It is also advised that the copyright owner will need to be clear that they have necessary permissions, and complex family ownership will need to be clarified and agreed with family members.

What age are the photographs? The more recent, the likelihood the copyright owner of the photograph will need permission from other family members to upload the images. If they are clearly historic, where children in the images must now be adults, then they can be added.

The documents will need investigating. What is the nature of their content? Might personal information be disclosed? Are there multiple authors of the document – if so, what is its copyright status? Again, clarity and agreement between parties is needed.

We also cannot digitise the tape but suggest they speak to MACE archive and make a copy of the digitised content available when they can.


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