Model for Ingest

Model for ingest

Creating a single searchable system from multiple archives necessitates a complex solution to suit the needs of our partners, including technical requirements such as its interoperability with other computer systems. We are adopting a number of technical standards used by the British Library, UK Data Archive, National Archives and Getty Images in order to do this. By looking across these specialists, we can be sure that the variety of file types are held to well researched, familiar standards but will also work for our partners in the best possible way.

Before ANY items are added, a conversation must be undertaken with Coventry Digital to help the contributor understand the nature of the material to be added and to check on the quality and confirm ownership and copyright and to address safeguarding issues if any. This can easily be done by getting in contact with Dr Ben Kyneswood on

What matters is that we know beforehand what is being deposited and that the deposit is authorised.GDPR and copyright matter a great deal.

If the items are digital born we might share in a safe space using Dropbox, WeTransfer or OneDrive in order to check on the assets. Remember to keep correspondence. The items will be checked before they are released.

If the items are physical, such as prints or documents, we will arrange a safe Covid-secure space at Coventry Archives.


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