Using Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is software to manage photographic and video collections. It enables us to add some metadata as well as export images into the correct file name and format.

Check the file is okay - This is a relatively simple affair of adjusting the file to ensure it is the right way up and, in the case of files that have been digitised, aligned level and flipped correctly (often you might see words in an image which

Add metadata - Title, caption (or description), copyright status, owner and creator, and, if possible, use the map tool to add GPS. You can multiple select and select all to add global metadata, such as copyright status or creator.

Export - Use the filename system as above with your code first (e.g. 0001_CoventryBaths_004.tif). You will need to change the settings to do this.

You should also export to tif, with the long edge set at 29.7cm (A4), and 300ppi. You can export single files or multiple files, depending on what you select. You can also decide to export to a new folder and generate new files or to overwrite existing ones.


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